Jeff Buesing

Jeff Buesing is an American entrepreneur. He plays key roles in various businesses across multiple industries. Through his business endeavors, Buesing is someone who has the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate current and future needs – bringing good new ideas to market.

Labor Group is Buesing’s digital consulting agency. Labor Group has proven to be successful in taking on the risks of a startup. Taking on risks comes with rewards of profits, fame and continued growth opportunities.

“I see myself as a conduit for the youth-inspired culture that fully embraces ideas and creative spirit. My goal is to find longevity in representing our culture by way of design and creative thinking.”

Jeff Buesing

Buesing is usually the sole proprietary, a partner or the owner of the majority of shares in an incorporated venture. As the digital decision maker for many entities, Buesing monitors and controls the business’ digital environments.

Given the riskiness of a new venture, Jeff Buesing has a “make it happen” approach. The acquisition of capital funding is challenging, many entrepreneurs deal with it via bootstrapping. Some entrepreneurs are lone players struggling to get small businesses off the ground. Buesing has taken on partners armed with greater access to capital and other resources.